Friday Night Fried Steak

It has been a while since I’ve written a blog. Since this is a cooking blog, there’s only one reason that it has been so long. I haven’t been cooking… Do you ever have times that life is so busy and overwhelming that the easiest thing to do is grab take out, fix a sandwich, or hit the drive thru? This has been our lifestyle for the past few months.

When we had a free Friday night, no plans, everyone home at the same time for dinner, there was one request. Fried steak! Comfort food. Family gathering around the dinner table. Fried steak it was!

What better to go with fried steak than rice and gravy, and turnip greens. (with a little rooster spur pepper sauce, hubby makes)

I used some very tender and flavorful ribeye cubed steak. Seasoned with season salt, dredged in seasoned flour, fried to a golden brown in vegetable oil.

I find it easiest to cut the cubed steak into 1″x3″ strips before dredging in the flour. Frying time is less when he pieces are smaller, and makes for the perfect size to put on a biscuit (if you have leftovers) the next morning. This particular Friday night, there were no leftovers. Was that because it was the first home we’d had a cooked meal in too long, or was it that my growing teen boy was that hungry after soccer practice? I think it was a little of both.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week with family and friends. Lots of preparations go into a Thanksgiving meal. Much laughter, and making memories. What are your Thanksgiving traditions?


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