Low Carb Comfort Food

Happy Friday!  Do you ever have a week where challenges and frustrations are lurking around every corner?  Well, unfortunately that has been the case this week.  Times like this is when some good ole comfort food is what we crave. 

But, when one has removed pasta, potatoes, and bread from their diet, it presents another challenge to eating those comfort foods. Unless, you resist the temptation, stand firm to your commitment of a healthier lifestyle, and try “Zoodles”.  (Spiralized Zucchini) 

Anxious to try something new for dinner, and stay within a low carb lifestyle, an early morning stop at my favorite national supermarket, rewarded me with “Zoodles” Perfect for a quick and convenient week night meal of spaghetti!

At lunch, I combined pre-browned venison, and homemade spaghetti sauce from the freezer, in the crockpot. Left to simmer on low for the afternoon. After work and a few errands, we were greeted with the yummy smell of spaghetti sauce. All that was left to do was blanch the zoodles.  Drain well.  Plate about one  cup of zoodles, top with sauce, and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.  Ta Da! Comfort food! Low carb spaghetti. It was delicious x 2!

Tip: Do not salt the water. Salt pulls the moisture out of veggies and you’ll have mushy zoodles.  By blanching the zoodles will still be a little crunchy. They will continue to cook a little while draining. Also, the hot spaghetti sauce will make them soften a little too. 
What are your favorite low carb substitutions for comfort foods?  

I have a bag of mashed cauliflower that I’m convincing myself is going to taste as good as mashed potatoes. Stay tuned for more Low Carb Comfort Foods.  


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  1. Sarah says:

    When done right, the cauliflower is very much like mashed potatoes. My mom couldn’t tell the difference when I made her some.

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