Mountain Cookin’, cont’d (part 2)

IMG_2846Happy 4th of July weekend, from North Florida!  It has been an unusally rainy month, here in North Florida.  Not sure there will be many successful 4th of July cookouts, unless we time it just right.  But, for our family, that’s ok, because I have ribs and chicken wings in the freezer!  We’ll go to Plan B, if it’s too soggy.

In the meantime, I wanted to share more of my finds while in the mountains.  I am enjoying my square cast iron skillet.  However, I will not use it in the oven.  It is stove top only.  So, for the cornbread I made the other night, with the corn meal from the mountains, I used my “cornbread” cast iron skillet.  IMG_2848

This cornbread was THE BEST!  Light and fluffy from being fresh ground and not full of preseratives.  Excellent mild corn taste, with a fine meal texture.  I could make a meal out of cornbread, with a side of honey.  How do you like your cornbread?  Muffins, sticks, butter, honey, plain?

If you missed my previous posts on Mountain Cookin’, I’d love for you to grab a glass of sweet tea and enjoy.  Stay tuned, because there’s still more from the mountain’s.



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