Mountain Cookin’, cont’d

Hey!, from hot and muggy, North Florida!  Where do I begin?  It has been an action packed month.  I’ve had this blog on my mind for several of those weeks, essentially writing, and re-writing it in my head.  Finally, I’ve taken the time to stop, sit down, and click it out.

DSC00695If you remember in my post Mountain Cookin’, I shared about our family trip to the mountains, where I went a little overboard at the local General Store.  The expression, “kid in a candy store”, would be appropriate.  It was so overboard, that our 14 year old was having a conversation with his daddy, during one of my trips, as they waited in the car, about why Mama had to go to the grocery store, so many times, while on vacation.  Well….after I made these biscuits, he understood.  I’m pretty sure he won’t mind if we go back, and I pickup a few more bags of this fresh milled biscuit mix.  To quote him exactly, “Mama, these are the best biscuits you’ve ever made!”.  I won’t tell him that my normal biscuits come straight from a bag in the freezer, and into the oven.  This Southern Girl, can not make biscuits.

These were the easiest, lightest, fluffiest, little biscuits.  I attribute that to the fresh milled flour.DSC00696

My brother is the biscuit maker in my family.  On several occasions, he’s been known to DSC00697tease us by sending my sister and I a picture of his family breakfast where he has spoiled them with huge, light, and fluffy biscuits.  I thought about doing the same to him, after making these biscuits, but decided, they might not be able to stand up to his.  Remember, I can not make biscuits.  On second thought, maybe I should have.  That’s what Big Sisters and Little Brothers do, right?

We enjoyed homemade apple butter (from the same General Store) with our hot, light, and fluffy biscuits.  (sorry for the blurry picture.  I guess I was in too big of hurry to taste them and didn’t focus before I took the picture.)DSC00699

Stay tuned, I still have a few more items to share with you from our trip to the Mountains.



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