Mountain Cookin’

Do you love fresh milled grits, biscuit mix, and corn meal as much as I do?  A few weeks ago we took a much needed family trip to the mountains. 4 fabulous days of family fun, snow (yes snow), and enjoyed God’s amazing scenery.  Hiking to waterfalls, following trails, picnics creekside. Pure relaxition. 

But, no family trip is complete without some shopping, right?  I fell in love with this locally owned grocery/general store. And I hit the jackpot on fresh milled biscuit and pancake mix. (Among other things, will save them for a later post.) 3 trips later, and many questions as to why Mama must grocery shop while on a vacation, I had the start to Mountain Meal #1, and blog ideas galore. 

So, to prove that the 3 trips to the local mountain general store was worth it, we had pancakes, with homemade blueberry syrup, and fresh pan sausage for dinner.  All from this cute little store. 

These little, fluffy, pillowy light, golden brown circles of deliciousness is a result of fresh milled pancake mix. 

Topped with homemade blueberry syrup. Pourable thick, slightly sweetened, fresh blueberry syrup. 

Paired along side the best fresh pan sausage I’ve ever had. Not spicy, not greasy, balanced flavor. Yum!

This is a perfect Saturday morning breakfast, Sunday after church brunch, or week night dinner. 

Stay tuned for more of my mountain General store meals. 


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