Fun Filled Friday Night, Family Date Night

It’s the last Friday night of 2016!  We celebrated by using gift cards we received for Christmas, enjoying dinner, and shopping. 

We began the evening with a leisurely ride south to Gainesville, where we had reservations at Bonefish Grill. We enjoyed Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos, some with a side of fries, some with a side of Sautéed Spinach.  I will be working on recreating the sauce they use for the shrimp. Tasty combination of spicy, slightly creamy, with a hint of sweetness. Stay tuned…

After dinner, Zach had requested a stop at Bass Pro Shop to shop for fishing lures, hooks, weights, and all things fishing, thanks to his aunts for the gift cards. 

While the guys shopped, I chose to relax on the beautiful, comfy couches, in front of the fireplace. Typically I would roam through the home goods and gift area, and the cooking area. They have some great seasonings, fry mixes, sauces, cast iron, grill, and smoker accessories. (Southern cooks dream world.) Side note:  they have some super cute clothes, shoes, and accessories, too.  Besides all the outdoorsy “stuff”. 

While enjoying the warm fire, on our one wintry night in Florida, here are a few Bass Pro Shop observances:

1- People of all ages stand in awe, as they enter the doors. You can definitely tell the ones that are here for serious shopping, and those that are taking a sight seeing trip.  The amazement on the faces of little ones, was like that of seeing Santa Claus. 

2- The trophy wall is bragging rights. Lots of hunting and fishing stories about how they let the big one go, is often shared.  The fish we let go are always bigger. The buck we missed had the biggest rack. 

3- The fireplace is famous. Many comment on the cool night air, until they see the fire. Then they are instantly warm, and ready for their adventure.  Brings a smile to everyone that walks by. 

4- Some ladies are just not comfortable in an outdoor store. Counting the minutes until their family is ready to leave, and complaining about everything  helps them pass the time.  Sick back, relax, and enjoy the time your family is enjoying. 

5- I love Bass Pro Shop!  Happy to enjoy the fire, and admire God’s masterpieces hanging on the trophy wall; or shop for all things outdoors.

Happy New Year!


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