Middle School Culinary Arts + Cooking Demonstration Assignment = Success!

Hello Blog Followers!  It has been too long since we’ve chatted!  I won’t bore you with the reasons and excuses.  Just know I’ve felt guilty and, well, here we are!

I had a special blog request, from the most handsome red head I know.  As part of his Culinary Arts, end of the semester requirements, he and a partner were to provide a recipe, and prepare this recipe in less than 45 minutes, including clean up.  Several ideas were tossed around. Everything from dips, to nachos, to microwave s’mores. The final cut, Fried Back Strap!

Not your traditional cooking demonstration by a middle schooler, but when you and your buddy are true Southerners, you fry back strap.  After a Saturday morning practice round, they were ready to go.  With all the ingredients and tools they needed, they were off to school on Monday, to successfully complete their task.  (Only in N. Florida do the parents have to send notes to the teacher confirming the harvesting and processing of the venison, and giving their sons permission to fry backstrap.)

We were treated to a repeat demonstration, as Zach fixed dinner for us.  Following are photos of his steps, and finished product, complete with cleaning the kitchen.  He did a great job and I’d have him fry back strap anytime he wants.


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