Special Requests 

It’s not Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie!  Or, at least, that’s what Zach thinks.  After a day of hunting, I surprised my guys with a Pumpkin Pie, for a late night snack.  Nothing fancy with this recipe, just use the one on the back of the canned pumpkin.  (I omit the giner and cloves, and add a little more cinnamon)  Top with plenty of Cool Whip and enjoy!

Another request was fried chicken.  Tonight’s fried chickn was Buffalo Fried Chicken Nuggest.

Cut boneless, skinless chicken breast into generous size chunks.  Soak in a can of evaporated milk, that has had several shakes of hot sauce added to it.  Refrigerate for 30 minutes.  Dredge in seasoned flour, and fry until done.  Serve with ranch dressing for a casual dinner.  Served with a salad, made with fresh lettue from our garden.  Oh my!  It was delicious!

Here’s an easy clean up trick I read a while ago, use a gallon ziplock bag to mix your flour and seasonings.  Then shake your chicken right in the bag.  When you’re done, zip the bag and toss in the trash.  Works great!


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