Ta Da!  Hurricane Party!

As we wait for Hurricane Hermine to move through our area, I thought it was appropriate to share a few hurricane preparedness tips.  Everyone knows the needed supplies.  Bottled water, batteries, flashlights, candles, etc… But, what else is part of your hurricane survival kit?

As I roamed the aisles of Publix earlier in the week, I picked up:

  • Bear Creek potato soup mix.  Add hot water and you have soup; no power? Heat the water on the grill). Grabbed a can of crab meat, have frozen corn in the freezer, and shredded cheese.  Ta Da, we have crab and corn chowder!  If you have to use the grill to boil water to make the soup, what about grilling a few tortillas to go with your soup?
  • Flour tortillas.  Grilled chicken tacos, quesadillas made on the grill, PB&J, or tuna salad roll up.
  • Chocolate covered almonds, yogurt covered pretzels, boiled peanuts (from our freezer), pre-popped popcorn, Ginger ale with frozen raspberries.  Add a board game and you have a “fancy” snack while spending some quality time with family. 
  • Ciabatta rolls, Virginia tavern ham, peppered turkey, and pre cooked bacon. Topped with  tomato, and avocado.  Add your favorite combination of sandwich seasoning, olive oil, and salad vinegar.  Ta Da, fancy sandwich!
  • Baking potatoes.  Thinly slice potato and onion.  Season with salt and pepper, wrap in foil and cook on grill under done.  Top with crumbled bacon, left over from your “fancy sandwich”, and a little cheese.  Serve for breakfast, or as a side for dinner.
  • Foil pans and aluminum foil.  If you can cook it on the stove, you can cook it on the grill.  Use a foil pan instead of a skillet.  No clean up if you don’t have water.  Use the aluminum foil as a lid or to make foil packets.
  • Fresh fruit and veggies.  Bananas, apples (wrap in tin foil, sprinkle with cinnamon, warm on the grill for a delicious, healthy dessert or breakfast), lemons/limes (add to water for extra flavor), onions, tomatoes, avocados.  Anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated is a good choice.  

Who says a hurricane party has to be beanies and weanies, canned tuna, and PB&J?  As long as you have a grill, your options are endless.  If you don’t, just get creative.  Use dinner rolls or tortillas, instead of sandwich bread for sandwiches.  Fruit salad instead of individual pieces of fruit.  Mixed veggie salad (avocado, tomato, onion,seasoning). 

How do you prepare for, and weather out the storm?  

Ultimately, safety is the most important!  Be safe and follow the direction of your local law enforcement.  


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