Oven Fried Okra


Stopped by the local farm to table store this week, where I was enticed by this beautiful okra.  IMG_0816

Zach loves fried okra, but the mess was more than I wanted to clean up on a week night.  My SIL shared with me a helpful tip of cooking okra in a cast iron skillet, in the oven.  Seldom do I cook okra any other way.

Wash, dry, and cut the okra.  Place in a cast iron skillet that has been drizzled with olive oil.  Salt and pepper the okra.  Toss in pan so everything is evenly coated.IMG_1065

Place in a preheated 400 degree oven, lightly stirring every 10 minutes.  Depending on the size of your pan, and how much okra you are cooking, it will take 30+ minutes.  If you are in a hurry, turn the oven up to 425, just remember to check it often to avoid burning.  If it starts to stick to the pan, add a little more olive oil.IMG_1067

If you’re like me, you will buy more than needed for one meal.  Put it in the freezer to add to soups and stews this Winter.  IMG_0818


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