$5 + 20 minutes =  fancy dinner

Stuffed Scallops, Pasta tossed in Garlic and Olive Oil, with a Caesar Salad. This is the quickest, and cheapest dinner, I’ve made in a while.  The guys thought I’d worked hard at preparing it. Little did they know that I was relaxing and enjoying the quiet while they were at the pond fishing. 

stuffed scallops, southern cooking, quick and easy diinnerPublix has stuffed scallops in the seafood department. Warm in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 450. Buitoni pasta was BOGO this past week. I always grab these when they are on sale.  It cooks in 3 minutes, taste great, and so many ways to serve pasta. 

After the pasta is cooked and drained, toss in a couple tablespoons of melted better, fresh garlic, olive oil, and parsley.(I like to add parsley to lots of my dishes. Adds some color and adds a fresh taste.)

Served with a small Caesar Salad, and a Red Lobater biscuit,  made  our fancy dinner complete!  

stuffed scallops, quick and easy dinner, southern cooking
Here’s a cost breakdown:

  • Stuffed Scallops $1.25 each 
  • Pasta BOGO at $2.29 each ($1.15)
  • Biscuits BOGO at $2.49 per box (makes 12) ($.83)

Total $5.73 for a family of 3. You can easily keep the cost of this meal under $10 even for a family of 6. 

Stay tuned for the continued post of ‘Cooking for the Freezer’.  If you missed the first one earlier in the week, click here

I’m also working on a post for another quick and easy fancy dinner

Look forward to you visiting soon. 


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