Just Another Friday Night in the Kitchen

After a week of eating out, because no ones schedule was the same by the end of the week, as it started out on Monday, tonight was a perfect night to stay in, relax, and kick off the weekend.

Our menu for tonight was Roast Beef Hash, Garlic Bread, Bread & Butter pickles, and fresh pear tomatoes.  Roast Beef Hash is a great way to use up the last of roast and potatoes, and make it go a little bit farther.  My mom used to make this when we were kids.

Start by chopping the roast, potatoes, and carrots.  Adding them to a hot non-stick skillet, sprayed with Pam.  Season with your favorite seasoning.  Cook on medium until heated and the potatoes are slightly browned.  Use a spatula,  and lightly toss to make sure everything gets warmed evenly. (The roast and potatoes are left over from the oven roast I made over the weekend.  Click here if you missed my blog post on Oven Roast.)IMG_0942

IMG_0946Garlic bread was made from some homemade bread I baked several weeks ago, pre-sliced and put in the freezer.  Side of homemade pickles, and fresh pear tomatoes from our garden.  The tomatoes were litterally straight from the garden.  Bruce picked them while I was cooking.  Dinner is served!  Quick and easy.  Only the skillet and a few utensils to clean up.  IMG_0944

While I was cooking dinner, Bruce had picked enough Rooster Spur peppers to make pepper sauce.  It will be great this fall and winter on our greens.  Now, how much more southern can you get than greens and pepper sauce?

IMG_0945As I was getting the bread from the freezer, I found some precooked sausage that I had forgotten I put in there last week, for the purpose of making Pancake Bites.  If you’ve never made Pancake Bites, you should!  Popable, little, pancakes filled with sausage, or blueberries.  (that’s our favorites)  Make your pancake batter following the directions on the package.  Instead of cook in a skillet, use a mini muffin tin, sprayed with Pam, fill muffin tin 1/2 full with batter, drop in a small piece of sausage, or a blueberry.  Bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes.  Remove from oven when done, slightly golden brown.  Once cool, put in a freezer container and freeze, if you won’t be eating them right away.  When ready to eat, remove desired amount, thaw/warm in the microwave for a few seconds.  Dip in syrup and enjoy!

Dinner and breakfast were all cooked, and cleaned up in less than an hour.  More time to sleep in on Saturday morning and take it easy.  Have a fabulous weekend!


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