Trip to Sam’s

Saturday we took a short road trip to Sam’s to stock the freezer and pantry.  This wasn’t my usual trip that would include prepping and cooking meals for the freezer.  This was a get us through the next month of Summer lunches, and picnic dinners at the soccer fields.  Essentially, there was a bunch of snacks, necessities, and meat.

I like buying ground beef, and boneless skinless chicken breast in bulk.  For our family, they are very versatile and quick fixes.  During this trip, I bought about 5 pounds of ground beef.  

While the guys were unloading the car of all of their snacks, I began browning the hamburger.  Once browned, drained, and cooled, I packaged in quart bags for the freezer.  Now I have pre-browned ground beef ready for spaghetti, tacos, casseroles… How do you use ground beef?

While the ground beef was browning, I cleaned and individually packaged the chicken breast.  Having chicken individually packaged makes it convenient to pull out 1, 2, or more, depending on what I’m cooking.I also picked up a large roast, probably enough for 5-6 meals.  Divided it in half and put in the freezer for a meal soon.  Everyone was excited when they found out I had snuck a roast in the buggy.  This will be a requested meal on our menu soon. 

It took less than 45 minutes to brown the hamburger, clean the chicken, and package everything for the freezer.  Half of my prep time is done for each meal, and less clean after each meal. 

I’ll soon be sharing how I use my pre-browned ground beef, and chicken breasts.


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