Quick Saturday Lunch

Headed to Sam’s to stock the freezer and pantry. Before we left I threw together a quick lunch. You know you can’t buy groceries hungry or you will buy one of everything. 

Didn’t have much left in the fridge or pantry; hence the reason for our trip.  Leftover chicken salad from the deli earlier in the week, garlic Parmesan crisps from the bakery, and a big red, juicy tomato from my trip to the produce store last weekend.  

chicken salad, garden tomato, quick lunch
I forgot about the red ‘seeded’ grapes I picked up last weekend too. They were beautiful!  Bought them without reading the sign. Got home, showed them to Zach and he politely told me I had bought  the wrong ones.  Seeded grapes aren’t very good for freezing and having as an after soccer practice snack. So, unfortunately they have sat in the crisper and been neglected this week. They are big and juicy. And full of seeds. 

red grapesSince we were having chicken salad, I thought a grape salad might be a nice compliment.  I didn’t have all of the ingredients needed so I improvised. It turned out great!  Few spoonfuls of whipped cream cheese, mixed  some brown sugar. Then stirred into the grapes that had been seeded and cut in half.  Topped with a few chopped pecans.  It wasn’t as pretty as if I’d had all the ingredients including grapes that didn’t need to be cut in half, but it worked for a quick Saturday lunch.  

grape saladLooking forward to sharing about our trip to Sam’s, and all of the meal prep that comes with it, this week. I get a little excited about going to Sam’s. Is that normal?


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