Fried Taters & Chicken Wings

Made a quick trip to our local produce store this morning to pick up some fresh fruit for the week.  As always, I left with a few more items than I had planned. Anxiously headed home to spend a few hours in the kitchen, making a couple of family favorites.

First on my list, boiled peanuts!  Boiled peanuts and a glass of sweet tea may be acceptable for any southern occasion. Later in the week I will share how I make boiled peanuts.  In the meantime, stop by your local produce market, grab a pound or 2 of fresh green peanuts, and a box of salt.

Monday starts the beginning of 3 weeks of out of town soccer camp, in the evenings.  As much as I’d love to eat out everynight, it’s not realistic, so Bruce loaded up the smoker this afternoon with ribs, chicken, and chicken wings.  We will be enjoying the wings for dinner tonight, with fried potatoes.  The ribs and chicken will be great for a picnic dinner at the soccer fields.  Along with the Mango Salsa I made this afternoon.  I will share this with you in a few days.

My mom taught me to make these fried potatoes, many years ago.  I added a little something new to them tonight.  I started by heating olive oil (just enough to coat the bottom, you can add more later, in needed) in the bottom of a large nonstick frying pan.  Thinly slice about 10 medium red potatoes, and lay them in layers on top of the heated olive oil.  Next, add a few slices of Vidalia onion, salt and pepper.  You can stop there if you’d like, but I added a thinly sliced white sweet potato.  Nice surprise flavor.  Cook on medium – medium high until the bottom of the potatoes are browned.  With a spatula, turn over and brown the other side.  Continue to do this until most of the potatoes have browned.  Don’t turn them too often, you don’t want them to become mashed potatoes.  After the potatoes have browned, reduce the heat to low/simmer, and cover.  This allows them to steam, and become tender.

The chicken wings were amazing! Seasoned with season salt, and smoked. No need for wing sauce, and ranch.

Bruce said the coals in the smoker will be hot for a while; I think we will have S’mores for a late evening dessert, using milk chocolate chocolate chips, since I don’t have a chocolate bar on hand.



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