Leftovers for Lunch

It’s Tuesday, first day back to work after a long weekend, for some of us. For me, it was the first day back to the office after a weeks vacation.  Last minute meeting didn’t allow time for lunch.   

Anticipating an unsynchronized schedule,  I cooked extra on Saturday so we’d have lunches and dinners later this week. 

Today was a perfect example of having extra meals prepped and ready to avoid a PB&J lunch. (Which we couldn’t have because I’m out of bread). 

Saturday for lunch, we had chicken burritos, with Mexican rice and black beans. For dinner Bruce grilled chicken, and corn on the cob. Served with sautéed green beans (frozen green beans from our garden), and orzo pilaf. 

Since I wasn’t able to get away from the office for lunch, Bruce and Zach were able to fix lunch easily from the assortment of leftovers in the fridge. Their choice was left over chicken, seasoned with my taco seasoning blend (salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and cayenne pepper) topped with BBQ sauce (not my choice but they say it was delicious), and chips.  Keep in mind, neither of my guys cook. Hubby can grill. Still teaching Zach a few basic cooking techniques.  

Tara Southern Kitchen
Lunch for a week

This may not be your ideal meal, but it kept them out of the drive thru lane, and around the table to share each other’s events from the morning.  
I missed our family lunch, but felt good knowing that I had preplanned over the weekend.

Next time you fix a meal, consider cooking enough for another day. Extra side dish, or extra chicken breast. Do this 2-3 times over the weekend and you have another meal ready and waiting with out any extra effort or cleanup. Mix and match your sides with a main course to change up your menu. Your family may never catch on that they’re eating leftovers. 


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